Published April 25, 2017

The Dallas Morning News

   About this project

This project was the culmination of 18 months of investigation and reporting and more than six months of design, illustration and multimedia work. There were a limited number of photos available so I had to formulate a design that relied more heavily on other elements. I worked closely with the in-house illustrator to create conceptual photo illustrations which capitalized on the series' themes as opposed to straightforward photography.

I also worked to integrate audio and video elements into the presentation. Consequently, I listened to, logged and edited hours of audio interviews with the story's protagonist to find snippets that augmented the narrative and overall user experience. I also pored over court evidence and government documents to find supplemental information and graphics for the final story.

   My role

Project management

UI/UX design

Front-end development

Audio editing/production

   By the numbers

The online story presentation had more than 120,000 page views and averaged an unprecedented six minutes in engagement time. According to internal analytics, readers have spent more than 7,712 hours (and counting), or about 321 days, reading the series.