Dana Amihere
personal statement

I’m a beat reporter turned self-taught newsroom developer-designer.


When I first started in journalism, however, I thought that I wanted a career as a newspaperwoman in the traditional sense of pen to paper.


Growing up, I had a voracious appetite for books. My study of literature and philosophy in college only fed that hunger. I loved to study others’ ideas and thoughts on the human condition as much as I loved reading stories about how other people lived it.


After a few career detours, I realized that, more than anything, I just wanted to tell great stories...

of resiliency in the face of tragedy...

Devasted but not defeated   

of fighting injustice...


and of holding others accountable.

Data shows lawmakers hiked tuition faster than schools   

I came to understand that online I could do more than show and tell.

I could allow people to listen to and watch

Police in peril   

...and interact with the story as part an immersive experience.

No-vaccine trend worries doctors   

I could take big data and put a human face to the numbers unconstrained by columns and inches.

Race for the Oscars